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A man who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read. --Mark Twain

When I get a little money I buy books, and if any is left I buy food. --Desiderius Erasmus

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Six Questions to Ask When Writing a Book Review:

(from Phyllis Anne Duncan)
1.  Do technical aspects (punctuation, grammar, style) need attention?
2.  Are the characters believable and three-dimensional?
3.  Is there a protagonist who wants/needs something?
4.  Is there an antagonist who’s trying to keep him/her from that goal?
5.  Does the tension build to a conflict, and is that conflict resolved?
6.  Last, but not least, would you recommend the book to a friend?

In general, you should include: The name of the author and the book title and the main theme. Relevant details about who the author is and where he/she stands in the genre or field of inquiry. The context of the book and/or your review. The thesis of the book.