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You can em-mail me at carolynleonard(at)me(dog)com. You can figure that out and make it work.


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My Blog

I am still looking for the perfect name for it, but for now - that’s it. Not as chatty as Facebook, but I write a new one about something at least once a month.

Writers Reminder

Not as chatty as Facebook, but I write a new one about something at least once a month.

Book Reviews

My book reviews now number more than 80 on this site, and I also write reviews for Read my book reviews on Amazon at

I enjoy volunteering on this site, helping to keep genealogy free. Here is a hotlink to my member page, and here is a hotlink to the best findagrave search page to look for your ancestors burial sites.


Pretty cool site - It is not who you know, but who knows you that is important. Networking with others is important.


Pretty cool site - If you want to be a writer, first you have to be a reader. Here is my profile on GoodReads.

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Favorite songs

  1. 1.Hello, Beautiful

  2. 2.One of These Days

  3. 3.One Funky Cat

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