Carolyn’s Rant for June 2018

Guest Blog by Mona Jean Reed

Election time is almost here. We have a wonderful privilege in these United States. We can VOTE!

There are people in our governance places who are at least supposed to pay attention to what we think and what we want. 

Think what the power to vote would mean in North Korea, one of the poorest countries in the world, but a country that has one of the largest armies. 

Would they have Kim Jong Un in power when he’s not supplying them with heat for their houses and food for their table? Or if they could, would they vote him out? Only that large army keeps him in power.

We have the power to control our government. If it isn’t what we and our peers want, the fact that it’s not working for us is our fault.

Do something about it. The first step is to vote. After we vote, we have to make sure the political persons are continuously made aware of our wants and how pleased, or displeased we are with their performance. Threatening to vote for someone else has enormous power to heal a politician’s ears. monajean@monajeanreed.com

Rant over.