Carolyn’s Rant

December 2018

Glimpses of Christmases past: The gang was (almost) all here in 2004, They have all grown up and left the nest now, but most of them will be here again this year, maybe with a few new members. We’ll be missing Miss Kate, the young one in the green top because she grew up, got married to a soldier, and now lives in Savannah. But the others will be here…except for Shiloh the smartest Boston Terrier in the world who crossed the rainbow bridge the next year or so after the photo. Where was Ross in 2004? We are thankful for each member of the family then, and now.

My family will all be together this holiday, and I couldn’t be happier. Since the 25th comes in the middle of the week, my working kids voted to postpone the party until the next weekend. That’s okay with me as long as we continue the family tradition and we are together. Break out the board games, steam up some hot cocoa, bake some cookies, and light the fire…I’m ready! Everyone brings something to add to the dinner, and one gift for the drawing. We circle up for a prayer of thankfulness and remembrance. Then after dinner the women catch up on family happenings while the menfolk stretch out to watch the football game and the children play with their new toys. We will make some new memories, knowing how important this is.  It’s the best day of the year.

Rant over.